2024 Endorsements

  • Dr. Les Zendle – Diretor, Desert Healthcare District Board
  • Mark Marshall – Director, Mizell Center Board
  • Greg Rodriguez – Housing and Workforce Solutions, Riverside County
  • Jim Gazan – Former Chair, Measure J Commission
  • Rev. Jane Voigts – Pastor, Palm Springs United Methodist Church
  • Judge Darrel Perry – Retired
  • Brett Klein – Sustainability Commission chair 2012-2015, PS Cycling Advocate
  • Roy Clark – Sustainability Commission Chair 2018-2022
  • Robert McCann – Oswit Land Trust Board of Directors
  • David Lahti – Oswit Land Trust Board of Directors
  • Christine Hammond – Former Measure J Commissioner
  • Gil Flores – Cedarpines Park Mutual Water Company Board President
  • Kevin Rotenberry – CPA
  • Paul D. Cain – Realtor
  • Doug Oostdyk – Community Volunteer
  • Elizabeth Alvarez, Randy Kuluva, Don Elder, Curt Larson, Jack McLean – Members of the Board of Advisors, Los Compadres Neighborhood Organization
  • Nancy Ferguson – Palm Springs Library Board Foundation Development Committee Chair, former member of the Sustainability Commission

District 4 Supporters

  • Keith Rasmussen & Terry May
  • Morgan James
  • Ken Coats
  • Joe Wright
  • James Phillips & Donn Walker
  • Anthony Abdulla
  • Janet Bosma
  • Don Bradford
  • Thomas E. Brown
  • Jim and Janine Milligan
  • Archie Porter
  • Robert McCormick
  • Michael Montoya
  • Carlos Rosales
  • Peter Utley
  • Jonathan & David Abernathy-Deppe
  • Bernard Rottner and Jim Gray
  • Curt Larson & Mark Fries
  • Gary Hebert
  • Rob Romano & Dan Garrow
  • Michael Bell & Lyndon Calerdine
  • James C. McBride, Jr.
  • Archie (Skip) Porter
  • Michael Cagle
  • Tom Munyon
  • Marty and Al Welland
  • Tony Abdula
  • Don Elder
  • John McLean
  • Bernard Rottner & Jim Gray
  • Greg Wood and Daryl Allis
  • Jay Parks and Billy Wilson
  • Albert F. Stansell, III

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