joe jackson and his dog

My whole career has been about listening and bringing people together to seek solutions.
Joe Jackson

For Palm Springs City Council District 4

Meet Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson is ready to serve you as member of the Palm Springs City Council. Within a year of moving to the City full-time in January 2012, he was appointed by Council to the Sustainability Commission, where he served for over six years, including three as Chair. Joe also served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Palm Springs 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2012. He was a member of the Palms Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Board of Directors, serving as Development Director, Vice-President, and President.

Currently, Joe serves on the Los Compadres Neighborhood Organization Board of Advisors as President, and on the Board of Directors of the Cedarpines Park Mutual Water Company in San Bernardino County. During his 30+ year career in the United Methodist Church, Joe’s leadership experience was broad and varied.

When Joe first saw the beautiful palm trees standing tall against our mountains, he knew Palm Springs would one day be home. He has been a visitor for thirty years, a property owner for twenty years, and now is your neighbor in District 4 for the past ten years.

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Do You Live in District 4?

Do you know if you live in District 4?

Basically, District 4 is south of Ramon Road and east of Sunrise Way, with a couple of exceptions. Demuth Park is in District 1. And a few condo complexes just north of Ramon at the El Cielo intersection are in District 4. This map will help you!